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At Ballard Building Company, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of workmanship and materials, as well as excellent customer service.


With over 20 years of experience in Houston custom home building, we are able to seamlessly manage your new home construction project every step of the way. This means preforming the preliminary lot inspection, blueprinting and design, material sourcing, contractor selection, construction management, and of course, keeping you up to date along the way to ensure that your home is built according to your exact specifications. We guarantee that you will be delighted with your new home!


Lot Inspection

We conduct preliminary lot inspections, to examine the water table, the soil, as well as the bearing capacity of the ground. This information allows us to make engineering adjustments to the plans before construction begins.



During the design phase, we take your ideas and turn them into blueprints for your new home. In this stage, we see the concept becoming a reality.


Sourcing Materials

We take care to source high quality materials that are engineered to last, and are in line with your needs and budget.


Selecting Contractors

We ensure that the contractors and subcontractors that we hire have the level of craftsmanship that’s required to ensure that your home will be built to the highest of standards.



Scheduling contractors and managing building projects takes time, skill, and effort. We rely on our extensive experience with home construction projects to ensure that everything runs smoothly; and is completed on time, and within budget.


Routine Inspections

Throughout the building process and construction phase, the local building department will be checking in periodically to ensure that no code violations are being committed. To keep everything on track, we closely manage the construction site to ensure that everything is up to code. This helps things stay on track and on schedule. 



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Ballard Building Company is proudly serving Houston, as well as the surrounding areas of River Oaks, Memorial, Tanglewild, Sugar Land, Bellaire, and Katy.